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Alignements de Carnac

Discover the Carnac alignments near the Morbihan Gulf. Explore the largest group of Megaliths of its sort in the world, and a key place in European prehistory.

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Opening / Closing

Times may vary

House of megaliths 
May and June : from 9 am to 6 pm
July and August : from 9:30 am to 7:30 pm
September to April : from 10 am to 5 pm

1rst january, 1rst may and 25th december 


Guided tours

For individuals :
Full rate : 6 €
Reduced rate : 5 € 
Specific rate : 4 €
Free for visitors under 18 years old

For groups :
Compulsory reservation +33(0)2 97 52 77 95 or carnac@monuments-nationaux.fr
1 to 15 visitors : 55 €
16 to 30 visitors : 100 €
Until 45 visitors : 155 €
School visitors : 68 € (until 35 visitors)
Disabled visitors : 35 € (until 20 visitors)

Prehistoric workshops

For school groups :
Half a journey : 110 €
Full journey : 220 €

For adults groups :
Half a journey : 137 €

Pass of Megaliths

4 important megalithic sites and a Muséum regroup to offer you a reduced rate from the second visited monument (keep your ticket)(Cairn of Gavrinis, Megalithic site in Locmariaquer, alignments of Carnac, Petit Mont in Arzon and Muséum of prehistory in Carnac).

Going there

From Auray: secondary roads D 768 and D 781 towards Carnac (D 196 is forbidden to coaches going west)

Download and print the MAP OF ALIGNEMENTS by clicking here.


Maison des Mégalithes at Le Ménec
56340 Carnac
T 02 97 52 29 81
F 02 97 52 60 03

GPS details

Latitude : 47.5977
Longitude : -3.0634


Les Éditions du patrimoine présentent : 2 nouveaux titres dans la collection "Crimes et monuments"

Le Centre des monuments nationaux propose de découvrir autrement le site des mégalithes de Carnac au travers de l’exposition photographique « Pierres de Légendes » et d’une programmation estivale riche

Les Éditions du patrimoine présentent : Un siècle de pierres. Instants photographiques         


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Understanding the Carnac alignments 

• Among the first sites to be protected by the State. The scientific approach of Prosper Mérimée, the Inspector for Historic Monuments, led the State to pursue a policy of acquiring and preserving megaliths from 1830 onwards. During the 21st century the sites have undergone restoration and development work. 

• Neolithic temples. Recent studies have linked the history of these sites to changes occurring in the Neolithic period, when communities started to become sedentary. The lines of menhirs mark the way towards enclosures, spaces which were held to be sacred. The dolmens had a funerary function.


Aperçu webcam

Découvrez le site de Carnac en webcam : "A l'ombre des légendes"

Lecturer tour

Guided tour in English in the alignments
Sale of tickets ends 15 min before visit

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Visite publics spécifiques

Individuels en visite-conférence d’ 1h : 4 €
Groupes : 35 € pour une visite conférence d’1h (20 personnes hors accompagnateurs, justificatif à prévoir)
45 € pour un atelier adapté d'½ journée (20 personnes hors accompagnateurs, justificatif à prévoir)

Virginie Lepage

Tél. 02 97 52 77 32
Courriel carnac@monuments-nationaux.fr 

Et aussi...

Téléchargez le carnet de visite pour visiteurs déficients intellectuels en cliquant ici

Téléchargez le dépliant d'appel de l'accessibilité des alignements de Carnac

Guide Dog allowed

Dogs excluded



Information about accessibility by phone : +33 (0) 2 97 52 29 81

Visiteurs à mobilité réduite

Reception’s building is accessible. Possibility to borrow a whellchair (electric wheelchair) to move on the sites.
Floors are not leveled.
Accessible sites : Kerlescan and Toul Chignan. For the other sites, 80cm wide gates, the wheelchairs we borrow are 62cm wide.

Visiteurs mal et non-voyants

Document de visite en braille ou en gros caractères disponible à l'accueil.


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